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IHF School Campus, Nur Nagar

Nur Nagar is an area at Saidpur which is the residence of 40 families. These families live in dire condition without electricity, any proper sanitation facilities or suitable drinking water. Nur Nagar, known locally as “Hothat Bosti” doesn’t have any school and 120 children living in the area never went to school. IHF took the project of Community Development of Nur Nagar area and in January, 2019, IHF inaugurated the Nur Nagar school to educate the 120 children living in that community.

The Nur Nagar campus of IHF School was inaugurated as the 3rd campus in 2019. Currently it provides free primary education to 120 students and has also created job opportunities for 3 teachers.

>The childrens are returning home after their class