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About It's Humanity Foundation

It’s Humanity Foundation is focused towards creating a sustainable solution to alleviating poverty through extending opportunities to the underprivileged by providing core education and essential life skills. Through our schools, providing free quality education to children and our women and youth empowerment projects, providing training and earning opportunities to women and youth, we help to create ladders of opportunities for underprivileged in Bangladesh to ensure their basic human rights. With our aim ‘EDUCATION AND WORK’ we encourage self-sufficiency in the lives of underprivileged people, so that they can extricate themselves from poverty in the long run.

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Our Vision

“ To create a sustainable solution for underprivileged children. ”

Our Mission

“ To eliminate poverty and create a secure future for underprivileged children by providing free access to primary education, basic healthcare services and training on vocational skills to the underprivileged children. ”

The Journey

The It’s Humanity Foundation’s journey began in June 4, 2010, as two friends were engaging in a stimulating discussion about their mutual vision of a better future for the people of Bangladesh and how that could be achieved. That discussion then led to the formation of a dream which then took shape and was finally realized in the form of the organization that is now known as the It’s Humanity Foundation (IHF). IHF started out very humbly by renting the narrow porch of a tin shed house in Saidpur of Nilphamari to found its first school with a blackboard, few chalks and mats for 17 children, who attended the classes.

It’s Humanity Foundation’s journey

Then eventually, as the IHF Saidpur School grew and developed, IHF was able to establish another school in the Tongi district of Dhaka in the year 2014 followed by another school in Nur Nagar, Saidpur in 2018. All in all, having started out with just 17 students in 2010, IHF has made remarkable progress since then as it has managed to allow over 850 students to avail free education services, general medical services and skill training services. IHF is still activating and running various other initiatives that it believes will allow the country to develop at an even faster rate than it is currently and also plans to bring into being more schools that will be spread out all over the country. All in all, despite having several schools and initiatives catering to the furthering of the development of the country, IHF’s journey is far from over.

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Our Values

We believe that proper and wholesome investment into the development of children can lead to a bright future for us all.

We believe that all people deserve to have a chance at a dignified life and have the opportunity to positively contribute to the community.

We believe that the successful completion of Bangladesh’s SDGs will require a synergy to be formed between all segments of society.