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Qurbani Project 2021

Qurbani Project 2021

It’s Humanity Foundation (IHF) is a non-profit organization. It brings over 10 years of experience in the field of the development sector of Bangladesh especially in education and empowering women from the marginalised community. We believe in creating a sustainable solution for the marginalised community by providing free cost of education, access to basic health care & knowledge, ensuring nutritious food, and social & emotional skills.

IHF doesn't limit itself only to a school, rather it gets involved with the community to create mass awareness on education and the importance of sustainable living. Besides our regular project & the program, IHF is also involved with different emergency relief work like rebuilding houses in Char area, Warm clothes distribution, supporting flood affected people and emergency support.

In the last year, IHF distributed food relief packages to around 40,000 people all over Bangladesh, which adds a new milestone for IHF. IHF dreams big as a Human development organisation and reaches out to global charity networks.

In March 2020, IHF has registered its entity in UK (It's Humanity Limited – Company number 12494620) with a very potential local trustee board, however we are yet to start operation due to Covid 19, this will help us to reach out to more philanthropy community in UK and Europe. Besides, IHF is also looking for an opportunity to expand its network in the USA and get registered as a charity to reach out to potential donors & scope to work more progressively.


This proposal is about two initiatives that march together and to help the same vulnerable people. Every year Muslims do celebrate their Eid-al-Adha. This Eid’s perspective invokes the spirit of self-sacrifices. Feeding poor people by providing part of the Qurbani meat, who cannot afford it whole years on their own.

For the last three years, IHF has been successfully taking this initiative of distribution of 100% halal meat of Qurbani for needy and disadvantaged families. As well as ensuring protein for vulnerable people through meat consumption from Qurbani sources. In order to achieve these objectives, IHF intends to slaughter cows and distribute meat between needy people.

Through a $592 (50,000 BDT) amount of donation, a cow can be shared across up to 40 families. This year IHF planning for 100 cows Qurbani, and distributing them into 400 families.


  • Behalf of you, IHF will do your Qurbani & distribute it among vulnerable people of different areas in Bangladesh.
  • With your Qurbani the support we can provide a valuable protein supplement for needy families.


  • Vulnerable community people including disadvantaged families
  • Homeless, Flood-affected people & Climate refuges


Contribute to IHF Project by provide your amount for do the Qurbani.

  • Full Donation – A Cow – BDT 60,000 / $706
  • Full Donation – A Goat – BDT 12,000 / $142
  • Partial Donation – BDT 8,600 / $102


  • These vulnerable people will able to eat meat which is costly to buy and consume.
  • Reduce hunger and create protein deficiency for these disadvantaged vulnerable people.
  • Community members will be inspire & involved in such wonderful purpose, which will instruct and motivate them to do the same for the community in the future.

This contribution will aiming to distribute meat as food source which will support needy and vulnerable people for days.


If you are interested in any of these supporting you may deposit your qurbani amounts, alms and charity in the following;

Eastern Bank Limited Logo

Account Name: Its Humanity Foundation

Account Number: 1041060359180

Bank: Eastern Bank Limited

Swift Code: EBLDBDDH

Branch: Gulshan Branch

BRAC Bank Limited Logo

Account Name: It's Humanity Foundation

Account Number: 1501203397640001

Bank: BRAC Bank Limited

Swift Code: BRAKBDDH

Branch: Gulshan Branch

bKash Logo

bKash Number: 01847180823 (Agent)

bKash Number: 01759988791 (Personal)

bKash Payment Instruction

When making this appeal, we want to make sure that the confidence we place in you is returned in kind.

Wishing you a happy Eid - Al - Adha.