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CHAKAR School: The School on the Wheel

About Chakar School

Chakar School, The School on the Wheels, is an initiative of Its Humanity Foundation (IHF). This is the first kind of digital mobile school, which aims to work for street children who may be engaged in activities that may derail them from constructive earning practices in the future (begging, street crimes, etc.).

Chakar School is also a cost-effective solution that can cater to a large population of marginalized children. IHF started its operation on 27th July 2020.

We believe that this initiative will also support the nation to achieve sustainable development goals by providing safe and quality education to these children in a safe and secure environment, which will empower these young generations, especially girls.

CHAKAR Schools of Children


  • Provide and promote quality education.
  • Supporting the underprivileged children to come out from begging and other criminal activities.
  • Ensuring a bright future to the underprivileged children by helping them to get enrolled in regular school after completing the pre-primary education in Chakar School.
Our Objectives

Our Activities

Chakar School is a digital mobile preschool where the national curriculum of preschool is followed. Our activities include both academic and non-academic ensuring the safety and security of our students inside the bus.


For our academic curriculum, we follow both traditional learning and digital learning for these young learners.

Traditional Learning

For traditional learning, students are taught Bangla, English, and Math actively following preschool's national curriculum. Teachers are using the conventional pedagogy of teaching these young kids through interactive classes. They are given tasks to help them in their brain development and keep their total concentration during lessons.

These students are also engaged by using educational toys, such as numberella, number lego, colorful balls, doll, car, doctor kit, and an interactive and informative interior to engage these students. Also, we are providing worksheets after the class.

Traditional Learning
Digital Learning

Digital Learning

Besides conventional teaching, we have included digital learning for our children, which would help them to cope with the modern digital world that we are experiencing currently. For digital activities, Tabs are given to each student where contents are taught in educational apps. Also, educational cartoons and different documentaries are watched on Television (TV).

Non -Academic

Besides academic curriculum, these students are also trained with non-academic activities containing both Extra curriculum and Co-Curricular which would eventually help them in their brain development and become better human beings.


For extracurricular activities, crafting is taught to students through proper guidance from the teacher. For example, our students have crafted Shaheed Minar and National Monument and National flag were crafted recently.



For instance, in terms of co-curricular activities, these students are taught drawing with colored pencils, physical exercise, tree plantations, toilet manners, etc. Regular class starts with the National anthem and a little physical activity.

Health Awareness

Apart from teaching, we ensure our student's health and safety and their family, teachers, and staff. To protect them COVID 19, we have ensured every necessary measure: masks, face shields, disinfectant spray, thermal scanner, hand sanitiser, and social distancing.

Besides, to keep track of their physical health, we organize periodic health campaigns and have provided health cards to our students, which they may use in an emergency. Also, we are concerned about our students' mental health and arrange sessions for them, their parents, teachers, and staff of Chakar School.

Health Awareness

Providing Healthy Meal

The Chakar School children belong to such socioeconomic class who suffer from malnutrition from a very young age. In this case, we ensure that at least a certain amount of this loss can be covered when they come to school by providing them good nutritious snacks to ensure their healthy lives.

Providing Healthy Meal


We take classes and arrange activities and monitor our students' progress periodically in terms of both academic and non-academic activities, including their behavioural change. Besides, we also assess our teachers' performance. We make sure that their progress is appropriately communicated with their parents and listen to the parents' feedback as well to work on the betterment of our students.

  • Daily assessment for the students and is tracked.
  • Assessment daily on both traditional and digital learning both orally and written.
  • Worksheets to practice at home.
  • Attendance of the students.
  • Quarterly assessment and half-yearly assessment.
  • Parents Teachers meeting every month.
  • Daily evaluation of the teachers.