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IHF Winter Campaign 2022

Winter Campaign 2022

Winter has arrived. Without a doubt, Bangladesh's winters may be absolutely harsh and ruthless for the people from marginalized communities. There are locations where the temperature falls to below 5 degrees. The people of these regions frequently lack the means and skills necessary to fend off such a drop in the temperature.

In many parts of the country, the weather has already begun to turn gloomier and like every year, IHF has launched its winter campaign for this year to stand by those who need our support the most.

 Happy children to get a winter blanket

IHF is pleased to announce the Winter Campaign for the year 2022. Make a donation for those in need. Your small contribution will help us to buy blankets, warm clothes or anything that will help these people to get through the winter. As part of its winter campaign, IHF aims to provide at least 10000 people in remote districts of Bangladesh, where people are vulnerable to the effects of winter, with winter clothing and other necessities.

This is a great opportunity for the affluent ones to contribute and participate in the drive to alleviate at least a slight amount of despair from the lives of these people. It’s Humanity Foundation (IHF) would like to request you to take part in our winter campaign program. The slightest of your efforts could mean the world to someone else.

The Happy Man By Getting A Blanket For Winter

This Winter, Let's Enjoy the Warmth Together!

You can also donate:

  • 1 Blanket for: 300 BDT
  • 1 Sweater for: 300 BDT
  • 1 Shawl for: 200 BDT
  • 1 Muffler for: 110 BDT
  • 1 Pair of Woollen Socks for : 120 BDT
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