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Frequently Asked Questions About It's Humanity

Is IHF registered officially?
What are the mission and vision of IHF?

Mission: IHF wants to instil a positive and sustainable change into the underprivileged rural society of Bangladesh, i.e. instead of handing out fishes to eat, we want to teach them how to catch the fish and then cook it.

Vision: IHF not only wants to work with the education of the underprivileged, but also wishes to provide them with various job trainings that will help them earn a living. In the future, IHF wants to work with the entire child education system of Bangladesh.

Why is IHF Unique?

There are a number of such school projects in the country to help out the underprivileged in our society. What makes IHF unique is the way it works with the parents as well to try and break that never ending cycle of poverty which not only allows the children to receive education but also helps their parents to find sustainable employment opportunities.

What curriculum does the IHF School follow?

IHF School follows the national curriculum for primary and secondary schools designed by NCTB (National Curriculum and Textbook Board), Bangladesh.

How does IHF raise funds for their project?

IHF’s gets its operational funds from various sources, such as student sponsors, donations, fundraisers and sponsorship. As of student sponsorship, individuals all around the world have the opportunity to sponsor a child for 1,500 BDT (Approx. 20 USD) per month. Some funding is also received from students of different educational institutions as well, who hold fundraisers for our organization through their own bake sales, photography/art exhibitions and even small concerts.

How does IHF maintain their accounts?

IHF believes as we work with donations, it’s our duty to maintain transparency of our activities. IHF conducts annual audit of its accounts and finances with the help of professional accountant. Currently, Ashraf Chartered Accountants & Co. is IHF’s assigned auditor.

What is the Child Sponsorship Program? What are its benefits?

Sponsorship particular: It’s Humanity Foundation (IHF) is looking for student sponsors which can build a child’s future. Becoming a Sponsor of a child through our monthly based sponsorship process means that we count on your timely support month after month. This allows IHF to deliver long-lasting impact to the children and communities we serve. Your sponsorship / Charity can change a life.

Sponsorship amount: 1500 BDT / 18.75 USD / 12.82 GBP (Per Student Per Month)

[You can Sponsor as many as you want]

The facilities they will be getting:

  1. Tuition fees
  2. Books & Stationary
  3. School Uniforms, Bags & Shoes
  4. Monthly Checkup & Nutritious food
  5. Quality Education
  6. Your Precious love & Secure Future

You will get:

  1. Monthly Updates from School
  2. Meeting with Children whenever you want
  3. Regular follow-up
How many children can you sponsor?

You can sponsor as many children as you wish to.

Through which Merchant Services does IHF collect funds?

We receive funds and donations in cash, in bank accounts at Eastern Bank Limited and BRAC Bank Limited, bKash and wire transfers via Western Union, Money Gram. Please contact us at or +880 248811043 if you would like to know more.

How can you make a donation?
  • You can do a life time donation and leave your own legacy at It’s Humanity Foundation
  • By becoming a Sponsor of a child/children through our monthly-based sponsorship process which means that we count on your timely support month after month.
  • By adopting a school campus, taking charge of a campus running expense which includes space rent, teachers’ tuition fee and utility expense.
  • By donating for our regular campaigns such as Science Fair, Zakat Campaign and Universal Children’s Day.
How can you get involved as a volunteer?

We appreciate your interest to support the community. For joining as volunteer please drop your CV at mentioning why you want to be a part of IHF family.

How can an organization help IHF?
  • Through Csr
  • Student Sponsorship
  • Adopting A School Campus
  • Infrastructure
  • School Uniform
If you live abroad, how can you support IHF?

You can work as an IHF ambassador and promote IHF in the community/country you live in to raise fund for IHF children.

How does IHF plan to be sustainable?

Protibha” and “Center for Youth Development” are the sustainable project of IHF that we would like to expand through which we plan to cover at least half of the expenses of the school project in future.

What is IHF's long term vision?

IHF wishes to build its school campuses all over in Bangladesh to provide free of cost education all over the country and create a sustainable solution for the underprivileged rural community of Bangladesh.

What other social causes does IHF support?

Besides the school project and Protibha, IHF holds winter campaigns to distribute warm clothes among the destitute population of Bangladesh and conducts different campaigns on health care and hygiene. Moreover, IHF also has a youth based volunteer wing called “Volunteer for Humanity”, under which thousands of volunteers work for building a better future for the country.