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IHF Youth Development Program- CFYD

Provide inclusive skill development training to the youth.

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Center For Youth Development(CFYD), another sustainable project of IHF, is a youth-based center, which aspires to provide mark ways to youth with personal and professional development sessions, training, mentorship programs, etc. This center believes in youth empowerment by nurturing their inner strength to ensure the quality of life.

Workshops and other training sessions are organized for the youth which focus on the development of professional skills that they will need once they enter the professional world.

CFYD a sustainable project of IHF

CFYD mainly focuses on skill-based learning and working with to develop the youth’s personal and professional skills which will help them get advanced and also to become better-abled human beings. The purpose behind these services is not only to develop their skills but also to help them to connect with people who is like minded and successful in their respective field. CFYD be certain of that, for any individual or organization, networking is one of most important skills youth needs to build strength to achieve their goals and to earn a good career according to their preferences.

CFYD a sustainable project of IHF