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IHF Education Program

IHF started out with the dream of providing a sustainable solution for the hardships that the children of our underprivileged communities face and it set out to fulfill this dream by way of providing basic primary education where it is most needed.

The Education Program of IHF is the embodiment of that dream and is the Spearhead of all of IHF’s Operations as it paves the way to a brighter Bangladesh by providing access to free primary education services to the children in the disadvantaged areas of Bangladesh via the schools that IHF has established in areas such as Tongi, Saidpur, and the slum known as Hothat Bosti, near the Khorkhoria River in Saidpur. As such, till now, IHF has successfully been able to provide free education to over 650 children.

Besides primary education, IHF also ensures a provision of extracurricular activities such as:

IHF Education Program

Cultural Activities:

The IHF Schoolchildren conduct various plays on many different themes; this activity is conducted to enable the advancement of their confidence, communication skills and teamwork skills. If you would like us to conduct more of these activities so as to bolster the development of their confidence, communication skills and teamwork skills, please feel free to donate.

Drama Activities

Annual Science Fair:

Taking part in Science Fairs with their teams allows the IHF Schoolchildren to not only learn about science, technology and the world around them but also learn how to work better in a team and contribute to the team effort; that is why these Science Fairs are conducted. To help us arrange better and more worthwhile Science Fairs for the children, please do donate.

Annual Science Fairs

Dancing and Singing performances:

The children perform songs and dance recitals which help them build their self-confidence and also teach them how to express themselves through song and dance. As it is a healthy and a very wholesome mode of self-expression, IHF tries it best to instil an interest in these arts among the IHF Schoolchildren; in order to support us arrange more of these activities for the children to take part in, please feel free to donate.

Dancing and Singing performances


The children take part in Art Exhibitions too, where they, with the help of whatever tool and whatever range of colors they please, can project their imagination on paper; this sort of activity also introduces the children to a healthy mean of self-expression and also helps them sharpen their artistic skills. To help us arrange better teachers and materials to enhance the amount of benefit the children receive from this activity, please do consider donating to facilitate our ability to help the children develop their artistic skills.

Art exhibitions

Participation and involvement in IHF events:

The IHF School children are always eager and bright participants of the many events of IHF; through their participation in IHF events, the Children get to meet face to face with their Sponsors and Well-Wishers, and converse with them and state whatever is on their minds. Through this event, the children are able to receive an exposure and also see the number of people who are there for them which ultimately gives them the two most important things they need in their lives – hope and inspiration, and these are what will give them a reason to carry on with their education into the future and truly become good people.

Participation and involvement in IHF events

Besides being encouraged to take part in these activities, the children are also taught about important things such as morals, ethics and proper etiquette, so as to truly shape them up into decent and decorous human beings who can truly make a positive contribution to their society. IHF aims to establish more schools throughout the country in the coming future so that more children can receive quality education and then go on to secure and enjoy a good quality of life themselves and also improve the lives of the people around them.

Children Activities