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IHF Empowerment Program- "Protibha"

IHF’s sustainable project – “Protibha”

Protibha aims to foster talents and preserve cultural heritages through training marginalised artisans and commercialize their handmade products globally. Our broader vision is to generate sufficient income to make our mother organization It’s Humanity Foundation (IHF) financially sustainable.

In order to work towards achieving the vision Protibha set the key activities in three categories which are currently operated under three projects.

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Knowledge Development

Creating awareness among the locals about their rights and responsibilities through different workshops.

Under this project our main objective is the knowledge empowerment of the marginalised community by raising awareness on various types of social issues and creating a community-based knowledge sharing platform. We organize open monthly workshops on different aspects:

  • Human rights
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Child Development
  • Family Planning
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Training & Development

Providing craft training to build capacity among marginalized women in order to create sustainable earning opportunities.

In order to create community based small entrepreneurs through capacity building we started our training and development center.

Training Subjects:

  • Tailoring
  • Handblock Printing
  • Crochet
IHF team are guiding children on how to play

Our training module is followed by three methods:

1. Behavioral method: Direct hand on training that utilizes instructions, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback in order to teach the new skill.

2. Cognitive method: Along with theoretical knowledge encouraging trainees to fully engage in the learning process through practicing.

3. Discussion method: Open discussions on difficulties, innovations and ideas. This makes the training easier for them to understand and remember.

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Arts & Crafts Development

This project was initiated in order to ensure sustainability for both the program and the beneficiaries by commercializing the products.

Arts: Incorporating traditional Bangladeshi arts and artisan made crafts in home ware items to uphold the dying heritages which are in the verge of extinction.

Folk Art: Folk art represents the rural heritage of our country. This art work is also called Bengal Pot which was derived from the patterns of Nakshi Katha. It includes mostly the motifs which community people used to represent the transition of their traditions. To preserve this art work and enriching the collections we have started outsourcing Folk Art Painted Wall Frames.

IHF team are guiding children on how to play

Rickshaw Art: To uphold the culture, we work with one of the prominent pattern of cultural paint, ‘Rickshaw Art’. It’s a dying art of Bangladesh that has been declared as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. We at Protibha are trying to keep the art alive by incorporating it in daily home wares such as ceramic, glass, steel and tin. We believe, Rickshaw Art is a souvenir of Bangladesh which deserves to be well known worldwide. Our products are very popular among the expats and elite community of Bangladesh.

Cinema Art: Cinema art is representation of Bengali cinematic characters in artistic forms. Any portraits can be formed in this type of art with a combination of vibrant colors. We mostly take customized orders for cinema art.

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