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It's Humanity Foundation Ankur School

Ankur is a Child Welfare Center initiated by Its Humanity Foundation (IHF). IHF has almost 205 students in 3 schools for underprivileged children at Saidpur, Nurnagar & Tongi & a special school named ALOK for Children with learning disabilities. To ensure the betterment & healthy life and also the proper brain development, IHF launched this child welfare center in each of its school & named it ‘Ankur”.


  • To raise awareness about the importance of Child Welfare among students.
  • To identify possible abuse and negligence on students.
  • To report suspected child abuse of students.
  • To be a resource for child welfare agencies.
Ankur Schools Children


Ankur School Logo
  • Mandatory various brain development activities for students once in a week
  • Counselling of students and parents
  • Campaigns for creating awareness
  • Mental health care program
  • Trainings for teachers;