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IHF Qurbani Project 2022

The blessings of Eid-al-Adha is only a few days away. While qurbani allows you to share the joy of the Eid-al-Adha with those who are less fortunate, this Eid, you have a unique opportunity to stand alongside families in need through IHF's Qurbani Project, to transform their Eid from ruins to rejoice.

For the last four years, IHF has been successfully taking the Qurbani Project initiative of distribution of 100% halal meat of Qurbani for families from marginalized communities of Bangladesh as well as ensuring protein and other nutrition need for these people through meat consumption from Qurbani sources.

Through a USD $753 (70,000 BDT) amount of donation, a cow can be shared across up to 40 families. This year, through our Qurbani Project, we are aiming to distribute 30 Cows and 20 Goats among families from marginalized communities including those living in remote char areas.

How You Can Support the Cause:

Contribute to IHF Qurbani Project by providing your share of Qurbani:

  • Full Donation – A Cow – BDT 70,000 or USD 753
  • Full Donation – A Goat – BDT 12,000 or USD 129
  • Partial Donation – BDT 10,500 or USD 113
It's Humanity Foundation Qurbani Project 2022
IHF Qurbani Project 2022