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Maria Mumu Visits Chakar School

Maria Mumu, founder of Moshal Foundation visited Chakar School today on International Women's Day.

Chakar school celebrated women's day with their students to spread the message of equality to every student. For this purpose, one of the young prominent women who founded the Moshal Foundation came to Chakar School to celebrate this beautiful day.

The day began with activities like telling your own story and sharing favorite moments from each student's life. Ms. Maria conducted a very educative session with the children by sharing stories about a successful woman like our prime minister Sheikh Hasina. She also told students about how another young lady, Malala Yousafzai, who won a noble peace prize. Students were eager to know about those facts that made them successful.

A drawing session also happened today as Ms Maria asked students to draw anything that they want to be. Various types of the drawing were signed by Ms. Maria by which Students became so happy. Singing together with the children was another amazing thing to touch the students. Ms maria sang " Ekla Cholo re.." and students sang along with her.

Female students got so much hope by listening to Ms. Maria's story. A very educative and enjoyable day ended at Chakar School with a group photo.

Maria Mumu Singing with Orphans
Maria Mumu Taking Care of Orphans